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Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box
Ultimate Witch Box

Ultimate Witch Box

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🔮 SO much excitement is brewing... 🔮

Jump in to your magical practices with this carefully curated Witchcraft Supply Box that includes some of my ABSOLUTE favorites!

This witchcraft kit is made with intention and is just perfect for beginner or seasoned witches.
The matte black 5x7 box is jam-packed with powerful & lovely items that's also perfect for on-the-go witches and is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.

These items are all hand-made and hand-foraged or collected from ethically-sourced local vendors, so this kit is full of amazing magickal energy. 🖤

You will receive 35 or more hand-picked, charged & blessed individual items, made by me that are great for many spells and intentions.

--------- READ CAREFULLY FOR ADD-ONS ------------

✨9 Chime/Spell Candles
✨Black Obsidian or Amethyst Pendulum w/Pentagram charm
✨Natural dried Sage Bundle
✨Palo Santo Stick
✨Selenite stick
✨Rose Quartz, raw (medium-large)
✨Black Tourmaline, raw (small-medium)
✨Protection Oil sample
✨Van Van Oil sample
✨Empath Protection Oil sample
✨20ml spell bottle vial with homemade Black Salt
✨20ml spell bottle vial with 4 different Crystal Chips
✨20ml spell bottle vial with 3 different flowers
✨Mini Herb Sorting Spoon (silver or gold)
✨10ml spell bottle vial with home-made Cascarilla
✨10ml spell bottle vial w/ hand-foraged Lavender
✨10ml spell bottle vial w/ hand-foraged Mugwort
✨10ml spell bottle vial w/ Rosemary
✨10ml spell bottle vial w/ Cloves
✨1 bag of Frankincense Resin
✨2 Charcoal disks
✨NOT PICTURED: Informational Guide on parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows

------ ADD-ONS ------
⚡️ 2oz Essential Oil Spray Bottle (Choose from: Cleansing, Anti-anxiety or Grounding)
⚡️ 4oz Spell Candle & 2oz Ritual Oil (Your choices from what's on my shop!)
➕ You can also choose to add 5 or 10 mini bags of herbs. These will be of my choosing, but each one will be different!
⚡️Choose "EVERYTHING" for the Ultimate Witchcraft Kit with Essential Oil Spray Bottle, 4oz Spell Candle, 2oz Ritual Oil AND 10 bags of additional herbs.

✩✩✩✩✩Please leave your choices for essential oil sprays, spell candles, and ritual oils in your ORDER NOTE. If you don't leave a preference I will pick them for you :)✩✩✩✩✩