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About Us

Welcome to my small & Witchy Shop!

You may know Mystical Ritual from Etsy - where we have over 3000 orders and 1000+ 5-star reviews (

I have been an artist, a crafter, and a "jack of all trades" since I was a little girl. Born in New Orleans, I have always been involved in Hoodoo culture and witchcraft practices, which is a part of my spirit.

It all started out with a little Mojo Bean from my grandmother and the rest is life and history.
In my later years I expanded my mind and practices with other forms of witchcraft, crystal healing, astrology, herbalism and tarot~ and my life has been forever changed. Magick to me is intention in action; everything has energy and the tools we use propel this.
I work by days of the week and moon phases, grow and dry many of my own herbs, and always cleanse my working space or altar in between making spells to ensure that they only contain the correct energy.

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✨ My main focus is quality products, good intentions, and excellent customer service.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the magick!
~ Blessings,