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Star Rose Quartz Mushrooms
Star Rose Quartz Mushrooms
Star Rose Quartz Mushrooms
Star Rose Quartz Mushrooms

Star Rose Quartz Mushrooms

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So cute! 💓 I'm so happy to share these amazingly beautiful & unique Star Rose Quartz mushroom standing stones.

🍄 Star Rose Quartz contains microscopic fibers that gives it a reflective, moving sheen in a line pattern that sometimes creates a full asterisk (star)! It's otherwise known as chatoyancy or the cat eye effect and is best seen when you shine a light on it.
Some of the mushrooms also have an adularescence which glows orange in certain lights. ✨
A very special, unique and trippy batch of mushrooms, indeed! 🍄

✨ You will receive 1 Mushroom of your choice, please look to the photos AND the info I've listed below before making your choice in the drop down box!

A: ~3in -- 4.7oz / 137g ~~ Sheen, Rainbow Inclusions & Orange Glow, Clear & Opaque Pink mix
B: ~3in -- 5.2oz / 148g ~ ~Sheen & Rainbow Inclusions, Opaque Deep Pink
C: ~2.75in -- 4.5oz / 128g ~~ Sheen & Rainbow Inclusions, Milky Sheer Glow & some opaque pink
D: ~2.6in -- 4.5oz / 130g ~~ Full Star Pattern & Rainbow Inclusions, Milky Glow
E: ~2.8in -- 3.8oz / 110g ~~ Sheen & Rainbow Inclusions, mostly opaque pink
F: ~1.9in -- 2.8oz / 82g ~~ Full Star Pattern & Orange Glow, Milky Glow
G: ~2.5in -- 3.8oz / 108g ~~ Huge Rainbow Inclusions, Sheen & Orange Glow, milky/opaque
H: ~2.5in -- 3.9oz / 112g ~~ Sheen & Rainbow Inclusions, opaque/milky & reflective insides
I: ~2.5in -- 3.3oz / 94g ~~ Full Star Pattern in stem, Lots of reflective bits going on inside this one
J: ~2.6in -- 3.9oz / 110g ~~ Sheen & Rainbow Inclusions, Milky Glow/Opaque
K: ~2.2in -- 2.7oz / 78g ~~ Star Pattern & Rainbow Inclusions, Milky Glow/Opaque

To view the beauty in these properly, please check them out under full sunlight!

💫 Rose Quartz - The love stone, baby! It encourages unconditional and self love, restores trust and harmony in relationships, purifies and opens the heart to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.
🔮🌜Each stone has been cleansed and charged under the Full Moon to provide you the greatest energy possible to manifest your magic.