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PALO SANTO Bundle ~ 1oz
PALO SANTO Bundle ~ 1oz

PALO SANTO Bundle ~ 1oz

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🌬Attract positive energy with a mid-size amount of Palo Santo sticks for a good price.
You will receive 4-6 sticks of 4 inch Palo Santo weighing atleast 1oz, tied in ribbon.
They last a very long time and you may burn them over and over again until they completely turn to ash.

✨Palo Santo ~ Purifies the environment, clears bad, negative & unwanted energy. It increases your ability to concentrate and enhances meditation. Great for cleansing and grounding rituals, as it purifies all that it comes into contact with on a spiritual level.

🌳 Spanish monks discovered this wood and experienced it's ability to purify and heal, and thus they named it "the wood of the Saints."
Shamans treat this tree as a living entity that has a distinct spirit that lives in the wood long after the tree's life has ended.
The sweet, smoky and relaxing fragrance has been loved for centuries. It's important to respect this plant in order to receive the gifts it can offer, therefore I make sure that my Palo Santo comes from a sustainable harvest and is only collected from trees which had completed their life cycle.

🌬Inhale it, enjoy it, use it as a cleanser or an incense, or cut pieces into shavings to add to a resin blend.