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Mercury Retrograde Oil
Mercury Retrograde Oil
Mercury Retrograde Oil
Mercury Retrograde Oil
Mercury Retrograde Oil

Mercury Retrograde Oil

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🌚 Mercury Retrograde Protection Oil 🌚
Mercury Retrograde is back! But don't worry, I brought this oil back too.

🙏I formulated this oil to help with the troubling times we all have during Mercury Retrograde (January 14 - February 3, 2022).
The powerful ingredients and grounding essential oils will shield you from the chaos and problems with technology, travel, and communication.
This oil blend will help you to think before speaking or acting, energize you during sluggish times, and protect you against the frustrations Mercury brings while in retrograde.

Mercury appears to travel backwards three times a year, in retrograde motion. During this time there can be extra delays, frustrations, and confusions- especially in dealing with electronics, but Mercury rules all types of communications. It is said that these time periods are a bad choice for negotiating, selling, buying, travel, and any formal contracts.

💫Your 2oz bottle contains a base of Grapeseed Oil, a strong proprietary blend of organic flowers & herbs that have a long history of protective and grounding qualities, and the most guarding and grounding crystals available for this time: Black Tourmaline & Hematite.
Some inclusions are licorice root, lemon balm, and clove, and silver mica.
A blend of clary sage, cedarwood, chamomile, mandarin & lemongrass essential oils.

🔆Use it to dress candles, wear it on your body or a piece of jewelry during work or important matters, and use it in rituals to keep your productivity in check. If using during a contract signing, you can dress your pen before signing. You can even place a drop in each corner of your home or your vehicle to act as a shield.

🔮🌜Flowers and herbs are from my personal garden or locally sourced, carefully chosen, ritually cleansed and energetically charged on a Wednesday as Mercury rules this day.
🍂🌹All essential oils used are 100% natural, premium-grade and ultimate quality, and cruelty-free.