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💰🍀 JEZEBEL OIL is used by women to obtain success in matters of business and love.

As a traditional Louisiana Hoodoo oil, it draws in wealth of all kinds.
It's particularly great for sales, domination, interviews, contracts, investors and tips to help manipulate wealthy financial targets.
Jezebel Oil has a seductive and spicy scent and is known to make the user more persuasive, attractive, charming, and irresistable.

Jezebel Root, also known as Louisiana Iris or Queen Root, has been used for centuries to attract luck, success, and wealthy suitors; to invoke generosity, and as a controller.
It's also well-known for the Jezebel curse against enemies... so be careful how you use this!

💵 Wear it on your body as a magickal perfume, use it to dress candles, or use it in your own rituals to attract some more money. You can even dress your jewelry, wallet, bank cards and bills with it. This oil is more than double what you'd usually find, so it will last you a long time.

🔮 Each bottle is ritually cleansed and energetically charged. Let your mystical intuition guide you~ but Jezebel Oil will help those personal opportunities start rolling in.
All essential oils used are 100% natural, premium-grade and ultimate quality, and cruelty-free phthalate-free essences. 🌹

Your LARGE 2oz Dropper Bottle contains:
✨ Sunflower Oil, 100% Real & Organic Jasmine and Cinnamon essential oils
✨ Jezebel root, rose, roots and herbs to attract money
✨ 24k Gold Flakes for power
✨ Clear Quartz Points - to unblock energy flows for deep mental clarity