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Black Cat Oil, Good Luck Hoodoo Conjure OIl


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Did you know.. that the hair of a black cat is actually considered lucky in Witchcraft and Hoodoo practices?

😸 That's right... dispel the myths you've been told. Black Cat Oil brings you good luck and fortune in life matters, and is frequently used for gambling, reversing bad luck, returning a lost lover, and financial matters.

BLACK CAT Oil is formulated using a long-time passed down and potent recipe to reverse bad luck. Think about the stories you know about crossing a black cat on the street, and how you are compelled to dodge it-- this oil can provide you that energy. Black Cat magickal oil is actually full of positive energy, embodying the power of the ancients who used to worship cats as gods.

💥 Use it to dress candles, wear a drop on your clothing, or use it in your own rituals. The oil creates a powerful auric field to rid the home of any negative force.

Your LARGE 2oz Dropper Bottle contains:
✨ Grapeseed Oil as a base, 100% Real & Organic Sage essential oil
✨ An authentic & historical blend of potent ingredients that have a long history of powerful protection. Sage, Bay Leaves, Myrrh and Iron Fillings, to name a few
✨ Black cat hair, collected from my 2 familiars during grooming. This bottle is double the size of normal oils you'll find, so it will last you a long time! Store in a dark, cool place.

All ingredients are carefully chosen using an old Hoodoo recipe, ritually cleansed and energetically charged during the correct moon phase.🔮🌜 All essential oils used are 100% natural, premium-grade and ultimate quality, and cruelty-free phthalate-free essences.