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SARDONYX Palm Stones
SARDONYX Palm Stones
SARDONYX Palm Stones
SARDONYX Palm Stones
SARDONYX Palm Stones

SARDONYX Palm Stones

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Natural and Polished Sardonyx crystals 🧡
These palm stones are BIG & heavy ~ they might take up more than your palm depending on your size! (Read on for individual weights, and be sure to make your personal selection in the dropbox!)

❤️ Dating back to ancient Rome, Sardonyx necklaces were worn with cameos of Venus in order to manifest the power of the Goddess of Love. It was also common for men to wear Sardonyx rings with an image of Mars, the God of War, during battle for protection.
"All is Fair in Love & War, you know"...

A firey red stone and the birthstone of August/Leo, this stone represents strength, courage, and happiness. Beautiful red, black, brown, orange and white bands create swirls of energy in these lovely pieces of energy. It is composed of a combination of Onyx, Carnelian, and Agate. 🔥
💫 Sardonyx - Vibrates happiness, contributes to confidence and self-power. Aids in love, strength & protection. Some believe that placing sardonyx at each corner of a house will protect against evil.
🔮🌜Each stone has been cleansed and charged with solar energy for the best energy possible to manifest your magic with this crystal.

A- 3.5 inch, 10.6 oz
B- 3.0 inch, 9.0 oz
C- 3.2 inch, 10.4 oz
D- 3.4 inch, 8.9 oz